Vancouver & Sustainable Techology kids' workshops

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vancouver & Sustainable Techologies solar, wind, wave energy & transportation workshops at Vancouver Museum, BC, Canada conducted by Solar Power R'sho

Most Vancouverites don't realize that their city has pioneered in areas of Sustainable Technology, including electric cars, hybrid trucks, (both made here) fuel-cells, battery rejuvenation ("Battery University") electric bikes, and Lithium-Ion-Polymer batteries.

According to Mountain Equipment Coop, up to 70% of heavy metals in landfills come from household batteries. Wouldn't it be nice to simply revive dead alkaline batteries and reuse them? Is this possible? These kids proved it.

These smart kids at Vancouver Museum's summer workshops also created model wind turbines -- there are two under construction at UBC -- and, solar cars, boats and ovens. They optimized their solar ovens with a no-calibration infrared thermometer. They designed wave-energy generators.

Ships are built on the North Shore. It amazes people that boats can be made from cement. Some sailboats are called "ferro-cement" boats. These smart kids learned about water-proofing their model 'cement' boats using a moisture meter.

You can contact the presenter at SolarPoweredRoadShow (at) yahoo (dot) com. or phone SolarPoweRoadshow at 7 3 9 - 7 7 1 7 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.